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Cedar wood shakes and shingles on the east end of Long Island are ubiquitous, natural – and the norm – because cedar shakes provide a classic Hampton’s look and perform much better than standard asphalt shingles in Suffolk’s complete climate.

Cedar is a tall, durable, aromatic tree with firm – but soft – wood that is indigenous to many parts of Long Island. A cedar shake is a thin slice of that natural cedar wood that has been hewn or cleaved slightly differently than a cedar shingle (which is created by reducing and splitting the cedar tree). Cedar shakes are unlike any other roofing or siding product. Cedar shake roofs can have different designs and layout styles or patterns. Among these designs or styles are hand-split, resawn and tapersawn.

The pleasing, aesthetic, rustic quality of a cedar roof or cedar-sided-house is created by splitting the cedar – which exposes and highlights cedar’s natural grain. Your cedar shake roof is always, by nature, a one-of-a-kind – and that customized appeal will enhance the character and value of your eastern Long Island home. Cedar wood shakes (or cedar shingles) will add natural beauty and durability to the roof of your Long Island home.

Cedar is impervious to the elements and naturally insulates your home – which is a convincing advantage over all other roofing materials including vinyl or asphalt shingles. Among the other natural benefits of cedar is its inherent ability to resist bugs and UV sun damage. Cedar roofing and siding is able to hold up against rain, heat, snow, freezing, thawing and resists damage from wind, sleet and even hail. Remember that cedar shakes are natural and arboreal and wood does not have layers (as we understand layers) to separate and delaminate under these conditions like most man-made products. This makes cedar shakes an ideal roofing product for Long Island’s cold winters and you won’t need frequent roofing repairs.

Cedar’s high insulation rating reduces the quantity of energy you need to heat and cool your Long Island home throughout the year and thus saves you money. When a cedar shake roof is properly installed, you will experience the favorable advantages of cedar’s beauty, resilience, sustainability – and benefit from the insulating properties that cedar shakes bring – for many years to come. 


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Cedar Shake Roofs: Advantages & Disadvantages

We all recognize that wood is one of the earth’s very few sustainable building products. A cedar shake roof (or cedar siding product) is a recyclable, eco-friendly and renewable resource. Constant, mindful efforts are made to harvest and establish cedar in an eco-friendly, sustainable way. Forests are being managed more effectively today – implying that trees that are being utilized from forests are being replanted. This is not the case with vinyl products that utilize petroleum in their manufacturing process. 

Cedar roofing has lots of advantages – even if it was the aesthetic appeal of the cedar shakes that originally drew you to it. Amongst these qualities these roofing systems are durable, have a high insulation worth, are eco-friendly, and are resistant to wind, fire and impact. Cedar shakes provide a Long Island homeowner who is looking for a beautiful, distinct roof the ideal choice. Cedar may be wood – however it can still be fire resistant because a fire resistant additive is utilized by manufacturers to make cedar shakes safer than other wood shingles. 

Cedar shakes stand up extremely well against sun, water, snow, hail and cold. Composite, man-made shingles might become damaged to the point of needing replacement in a hail storm, but cedar shakes will only sustain a slight, almost imperceptible appearance of any damage in the same storm.

Of course to guarantee you’re getting these advantages – at the highest level – you will wish to have your roof installed by a qualified Long Island cedar roofing business such as Expressway. A cedar shake roofing system is an extra initial cost investment but, it is definitely worth it for the many benefits that you will see in the following years.

About Cedar Shake Roofs

One of the major selling points of a new cedar shake roof is that it is the only roofing material that – when maintained – will prolong its life. Cedar shakes provide the highest R-value (insulation rating) of any common roofing material. Cedar shakes and cedar shingles come with an R-value of up to 4 times higher than an asphalt shingle. Cedar shakes offer a natural beauty at a price point competitive to clay or stone and have comparable damage resistance to wind and hail. 

Unfortunately, like most roofing materials, a cedar shake roof will require some maintenance and has a higher roofing installation cost – but that maintenance will add years, if not decades, to the lifespan of that roof.  Eventually, all roofs need to be replaced no matter how well they are maintained. So it is important to begin the cedar roof installation process with a thorough, initial roof inspection. This will help eliminate surprises and give you a better sense of what your eastern Long Island roof requires. After the inspection, we work up an estimate and help you make your roof material selections for color and appearance. Once approved, we will purchase the cedar and material, set up a schedule and complete your job in a timely and professional manner.

We offer free estimates on cedar shake roof or siding work. If your Suffolk County home needs a roof replacement, give ‘the Hampton’s own’ Expressway Cedar Roofing And Siding a call at 631.772.7592 or fill out the quote request form below.

A cedar shake roof and siding job on Long Island

Cedar Shake Roof Repairs

Don’t get caught with sudden, costly roof repairs. We suggest you keep an eye on your roof and learn how to spot problems before they impact your wallet. Do you see water in your attic? Is there blistering or peeling of the interior or exterior paint? Do you see some stains on your interior ceilings and walls – or worse – mold or mildew growth? Is there visual decay of the siding or roof? Have some shingles or siding pieces been blown away or broken off? Is the roof dirty or cracked? 

More ways to tell if you need a roof repair are – if after a strong storm or wind-driven rain – you look in your attic for water or leaking. If found, that indicates either damaged shingles, inadequate underlayment or deteriorated flashing. If you see blistering or peeling of the house’s interior or exterior paint – that usually means there is moisture being trapped due to poor ventilation which causes paint to peel or blister. Did you notice new stains or worse – mold? Both can be caused by leaks from outside the house or moisture trapped inside. These factors lead to exterior decay in the sheathing and/or siding. 

Dark, dirty-looking areas on your roof can be either vegetation, fungus, mold, moss or algae growth and can cause dark stains on your shingles. That doesn’t mean you need a new roof, but if you choose to replace those shingles, remember natural cedar shingles protect against these maladies.  Are there missing, frayed or curled shingles? If they are dry, cracked or are easily broken – those shingles have reached the end of their useful life and its time to invest in a new red or white cedar roof or siding.

A cedar shake roof and siding job on Long Island

Cedar Shake Roof Installations

Cedar material is hardy and can withstand the extreme seasonal changes here in the eastern United States. Our snow and ice accumulation, thunderstorms, high wind, heat, and humidity do little to damage your cedar shake roof. Cedar is nearly impervious to decay and won’t degrade on its own. With the proper care and minimal maintenance, your cedar roof can last up to 50 years with proper maintenance. Despite that, issues can certainly pop up that require cedar shingle repair.

If you’re noticing leaks coming from your roof, contact Long Island’s cedar roof repair professionals at Expressway. We’ll provide you with fast, reliable and affordable cedar roof repairs without the upsell you’ll get from other contractors.

When circumstances result in damage to your cedar shake and require cedar shingle repair, you’ll need a cedar shake roofing contractor who not only brings experience and know-how to the job but also stands behind their work. Expressway has the knowledge and expertise to perform cedar roof repair and confidence in our ability to assure customer satisfaction.

Should you need to replace your cedar shakes, Expressway is your trustworthy source for cedar shake restoration and replacement. Homeowners appreciate cedar shake because of its unique aesthetic quality, and we’ll help you preserve that look.

A cedar shake roof and siding job on Long Island

Cedar Shake Roof Replacements

Cedar wood shakes and shingles in the Hampton’s and Twin Forks areas of Long Island provide an amazing, rustic, traditional and local look and always perform much better than standard asphalt shingles – even in the harshest of Montauk weather.

Wood shingles and shakes are usually made from western red cedar. They have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years (or longer if they are well maintained). They have a high resistance to rot, so they are great for a Houston roof that is constantly exposed to humid weather. The difference between shakes and shingles is that shingles are cut on a machine and shakes are hand-hewn, which gives them a more rustic look. Shingles are thin and flat. Shakes are thicker and have a rough, split surface. Either type must be installed on spaced boards as opposed to solid sheathing, so there is adequate ventilation for the roof to stay dry.

But eventually all roofs need to be replaced – no matter how well they are maintained. So it is important to begin the process with a thorough roof inspection to see if a full cedar shake roof replacement is in order. This will help eliminate surprises and give you a better sense of what your new cedar roof will require. After the inspection, we’ll work up an estimate and help you make your replacement cedar roof material selections for the color and appearance. Once approved, we will purchase the material, set up a schedule and complete your job in a timely and professional manner.

If your home is in need of a roof replacement, give us a call at 631.772.5972 or fill out the quote request form to get started. We offer free estimates on all our work!

A cedar shake roof and siding job on Long Island

Cedar Shake Siding Repairs

Worn out, cracked housing siding makes your home look shabby and unimpressive, and it can also lead to more serious problems for you as a homeowner. Damaged siding makes your home vulnerable to water leakage, wall/paint damage, insulation loss and mold infestation. You may be contemplating on changing the siding of your home for better protection from the elements as well as to improve the curb appeal of your home. However, you can only expect to see the desired results if you hire the right cedar siding contractor for the job.

Since cedar shake siding is made out of multiple, individual components, repairing this kind of shake or siding is quite easier than with other styles of siding. For example, metal or vinyl siding panels must be torn from the structure when severely damaged. Also, some types of siding may require more labor-intensive removal and replacement for repairs. 

Damaged cedar siding is exceptionally easy to repair. Expressway can remove each damaged unit and replace it with a new cedar piece of the same size, color and style. Instead of paying for a large section of siding to address only minor damage, you can save money when it comes to repairing your cedar siding.

Our pros can handle any cedar shake repair you require. Although red cedar or white cedar gives off a majestic appearance and protects your home very well, it can need maintenance in order to keep the cedar shakes in good working order. But – since the benefits of cedar include excellent insulation, beautiful appearance and supreme durability – it is worth an inspection every other year or so! 

A cedar shake roof and siding job on Long Island

Cedar Shake Siding Replacement

Although cedar, as a wood, is extremely durable, requires little maintenance and is naturally and readily available in a wide array of colors, from light, golden tones to deeper shades of brown – it may eventually need replacing. And while cedar shake shingles provide a local, unique, aesthetic appeal, are energy efficient and are relatively low weight, they, too, may require periodic replacement or repair to extend their lifespan. 

We are licensed, professional cedar roofing and siding specialists who can assess your cedar shake roof and cedar siding shingles to ensure many years of home protection. Our cedar shake shingles inspection will determine if cleaning, repairs, maintenance or replacement are required to maintain optimal performance:

  • Regularly check for accumulations of needles, leaves, twigs and debris
  • Evaluate gutters and downspouts to avoid water backup on the roof
  • Check fasteners, sheathing, flashing and underlayment
  • Inspect for roof damage
  • Check for cracks, splitting, curling and bottom edge rot
  • Overexposed cedar shake shingles resulting from installation error
  • Missing shake shingle or ridge
  • Follow-up roof repairs as needed
A cedar shake roof and siding job on Long Island

Cedar Shake Siding Installations

Cedar siding has quickly become one of the most popular materials for both new home construction and renovation projects. This surge in popularity can be contributed to cedar’s environmentally friendly assets as a renewable and biodegradable natural resource. Are you trying to find a cedar roof or cedar siding professional that provides reliable cedar shake siding installation services – specifically for the special, town-specific or mandated needs of residences on the North Fork or South Fork? Well you’re in luck!  Cedar is also extremely durable, require little maintenance and is naturally and readily available in a wide array of colors, from light, golden tones to deeper shades of brown. 

Cedar shakes provide a more rustic, Hampton’s style and look than the typical cedar shingles. If this is the look you’re going for, we’re here to take care of the cedar shake or cedar siding installation. We’ll walk you through potential options that fit your needs and then take it from there. Our services also extend to any cedar shake siding repairs you may need.

Finding a dependable and experienced cedar roofing and siding company on Long Island for your cedar shake siding project is hard to find. With Expressway, you can trust that we pair you with the best of the best in terms or products and service. We are professional, reliable, punctual, affordable, and excellent craftsman with great, personable customer service.

We provide a free estimate with the project’s timeline, cost breakdowns and materials pricing. Simply fill out the form below and tell us about your project in detail (for example: new cedar roof or residential cedar siding project) and we will have one our cedar roofing specialists contact you ASAP.

Repaired Cedar front and side

Enjoy the style & beauty of cedar shakes for your Long Island home!